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deora builds the open source foundation for true democracy, independent coordination and direct decision-making
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“We want to return to the core of democratic participation and involve everyone in the decision-making process of organisations.”

Organisations 4.0

Our solutions promote active communities through digital communication, with no central point of influence. Source material, data and expert speakers are vetted and ranked by peers, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Digital, secure, and transparent. We combine the advantages of blockchain technology with democratic voting. On our platform, votes can be created and debated in any form with easy access for the community.

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Democratic and Independent

We promote a new form of debate culture and diversity of information. The organisation takes place through a freely accessible and simple debate structure. Arguments and studies can be clearly viewed, evaluated and incorporated into one's own spectrum of opinions. We see debates as the basis for an educated community and its decisions. Organically changeable and expandable at any time.

We see debates as the foundation of an educated community and the decisions it makes. We promote a new form of debate, culture, and diversity of information.

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For a free, open and fair society

We are working on digital solutions that will enable to run any organization with people from any location. In which every member is fairly involved. Our goal is to improve social inequality with new decentral organisation systems!

PopUp democracy

Digital voting and goverment solutions for local events. The best solution to bootstrap your decision making prozess.

Decentral organisation

From elections over finance to debates, all in one decentralized platform for unstoppable digital organisation

Sovereign Identity

The Deora digital identity system provides a solution for your digital identity with a self sovereign management.

Digital governance

Decentral structures and government systems for the organization of many people over the Internet.

New Systems - Quadratic Voting

QV allows a new dimension of choice. Votes can be cast not only once, but also several times on the same issue. The community is thus allowed to make important topics more heard and get a ranking of their TOP topics at the end. QV (Quadratic Voting) allows a new dimension of choice.

The advantages of Quadratic Voting:

  • Weightings of interests
  • Strengthening minority interests
  • Limitation of influential monopolies by quadratic voting mechanics
  • Ranking of topics

deora News

Volt Party Uses Quadratic Voting on the Blockchain

Together with Volt Germany and our technology partner leapDAO we tested the first quadratic voting mechanism on the blockchain and Volt party congress.