Layer 2 Governance Launchpad

We enable fast and cheap governance for your DAO or DEFI project.


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People first governance for decentralized Finance.

User Experience

Simple to use governance platform.


Active engagement with real time participation.


Fully decentralized protocols.

Key features

Voting for people and not for whales 🐳

Kickstart your governance process and distribute power among your users. Habitat is your home on layer 2.


Cheap Voting

Cast a vote on layer2 save up to 97%


Fast Transactions

Instant execution with seamless UX


Flexible Design

Governance with any ERC-20 token.

People First

Build trust and collect valuable feedback.

Web3 solution for decentralized governance.


Use existing Gov Token

Upgrade your token with strong governance value.


Issue new Gov Token

Start your own token and bootstrap your community.


Deploy on Layer2, escape the gas storms


Ethereum protocols as a public good.


Open-source with regular updates.

Disover Habitat

You can easily test our L2 voting solution. And read more about our progress

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What are you waiting for? Start to offer the best in class governance for the decentralized world.

Habitat - Governance for DEFI & DAO's by Deora